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Morad Parts Company

3455 W. 140th st. (on service rd)

Cleveland, ohio 44111

open m-F 9am-5pm



Morad Parts Company is a “Green” business and is devoted to helping make a better and cleaner environment for the entire planet. Approximately 85% of each salvage vehicle by weight is recycled. Not only does recycling and remanufacturing keep useful materials out of landfills, the process requires fewer natural and non-renewable resources, produces less greenhouse gas emissions, and uses less energy. 


We are also dedicated to helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Basic maintenance on any vehicle involves the constant replacement of its old, worn parts.  We are accepting the following items at our location for proper recycling as a service to our customers:


  • Used Waste Oil

  • Used Coolant

  • Depleted Batteries

  • Old Engine Accessories

  • Old Brake Drums and Rotors

  • Damaged sheet metal

  • Worn tires  ($1 charge per tire, limit 4 per person/no businesses)







3455 W.140th St. Cleveland, oH 44111